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May 4, 2011
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May 17, 2011
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Winner of Week One of our Hotel Promotion

Apple Hotel would like to thank everyone who took part in our promotion for Week One

Thank you to all the lovely people who took part in our hotel promotion for Week One. We are sad to say we can only have one winner a week. We had four people who took time out of their day to come up with something creative and than posted it on our wall. Once again thank you.

It is a pity we can only have one winner. I have listed all the entrants below. All came up with a unique design and good around the hard work of promoting it to their friends. In the end, it wasn’t overly close.  The winner won be a comfortable margin of just over 43 votes however the person in second really did a great job. We could only have one winner and here she is.

Mary Ong..Winner

Apple Hotel Promotion

Mary Ong, did a great job with promoting this to her friends, eventually making her the winner. The “Energized Apple” was creative and thought out. It was simple enough to get the point across. We would have loved a green Apple however we can’t get everything, so WELL DONE MARY ONG FOR WINNING 3 NIGHTS AT APPLE HOTEL.

Hotel Promotion Apple Hotel

This was a great job done by Greentea Liew. She actually got a whole bunch of iphones together. She also did a great job in promoting this with her friends. Her votes only just falling short of the winner. We personally liked the bunny ears on the iphone.

The other two entries didn’t really gain traction however both were unique and the had some great ideas with them. I personally thought that the Apple Nails was the most creative however without votes, we couldn’t award it the winner. To win as a creative, you really have to haves something special, more along the roads of a cool video.

The promotion for the stay opens again today at 2pm and we are really hoping to see some creative work. These entries have shown people what can be done. We feel we will only see more creative entries this week.