Hotel Promotion to Continue for one more week
May 28, 2011
Hotel Promotion in Kuala Lumpur
June 2, 2011
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Winner of Week 3 Hotel Promotion

Apple Hotel Winner of Week 3 Hotel Promotion to Kuala Lumpur

Once again like previous weeks, we had a close competition. The winner in the end won by several votes. The competition this week was a lot simpler than previous weeks. So much so that the eventful hotel promotion winner was a very simple Red Apple.

Congratulations to Nivlek Kelvin. Kelvin had the most votes for his very simple yet stylish Red Apple. Of the other entries, only the Toffee Apple managed to get close. We really liked the elephant however the voters seemed to have gone to the wrong place.

Here are some of the entries for the previous week. Good Luck to all entries for this week.

Red Apple

Both the entries were close all the way however we could only give it one of them. After the intense competition for the 3 free nights, we decided to open it for one more week. The Hotel promotion is officially open for one more week. People may enter again however they may not enter the same photo.

Good luck to all entries for this, the final week of the hotel promotion. We are only running the promotion to Sunday where the winner will be announced. The promotion or voting will conclude 7am Sunday morning. We wish all the entries good luck.

Toffee Apples