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Who visits historic sites and plays Pokemon Go?

Smart, entrepreneurial travel-related outfits are recognising the opportunity presented by Pokemon Go and are welcoming players who would otherwise bypass their doors to drop by, even if it’s just to catch a Pokemon. The game is being hailed as a potentially transformative agent for the travel industry, as the geo-location-based app encourages players to explore their surroundings.

And while the game has generated no small amount of controversy for popping up in inappropriate places ? cemeteries, military bases, New York’s 9/11 Memorial and the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC and subway tracks, to name a few ? more and more tourist sites and landmarks around the world are capitalising on the phenomenon and inviting players to pay a visit.

Here’s a tour of some iconic places around the world where Pokemon Go is welcome.

US National Parks

Visits to US national parks are reported to have spiked, following the launch of the app in the United States. And while players are reminded to be vigilant and avoid straying off designated paths while hunting for the elusive characters, they’re also reminded to keep an eye out for real-life wonders like icy tundra, grassy plains, and gleaming mountains.

?We’d like to welcome all you trainers to your national parks, where you might find more than just a new virtual companion,? said director Jon Jarvis in a Facebook post.

Rio 2016 Olympics

Rio de Janeiro’s mayor Eduardo Paes posted a Facebook plea asking Nintendo to bring the popular app to Brazil in time for the Olympic games. While the city has been mapped for the Pokemon Go, no launch date has been announced. The games began on Aug 5.

National Mall, Washington DC

Not only are players invited to hunt for the elusive creatures across America’s national parks, the US National Park Service went so far as to organise a ?Catch the Mall Pokemon Hunt? led by a tech-savvy ranger last weekend at the National Mall. In addition to helping players catch elusive Pokemon characters, rangers injected a bit of national park trivia into the hunts.

Sydney Opera House

Earlier last week, the iconic opera house in Sydney attracted hundreds of players to its front steps after organising a Pokemon Go hunt at lunchtime.

Museum of Modern Art, New York

One of the most popular museums in New York features two Poke Stops, revealed the MoMA, in a bid to attract visitors.

Merchant House Museum, New York

The oldest restored townhouse and first landmark in New York City, the Merchant House Museum told The Independent it welcomes Pokemon Go players to tour the house while capturing the characters. The house is considered one of the best examples of preserved architecture and design from the 19th century and dates back to 1832.

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