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Tourist Safety in Kuala Lumpur

Safety and Security is always a concern for anyone traveling. Thou we like to think that nothing bad may happen to us in our travels, from time to time bad things do happen. However, what we can do is take the best available safety and security measures. Normally, higher percentage of people booking a Hotel room in Kuala Lumpur will be sold by the pretty pictures. One of the main things I personally look for is comments in the reviews about security.

Night Staff Apple Hotel

Things to take into consideration  are how many night staff they have. How does one get into the hotel, through key card or can anyone walk into the lobby and up in the hallway of the rooms. Does the security guard look like he can handle ruffians. Are they CCTV cameras about just in case of trouble. The last thing you want is something to go down and no evidence of the crime being committed. Does the security personal do rounds of the establishment at night or simply sit there waiting for the shift to finish.

These are but some of the questions that one should consider and thou we like to take personal safety for granted, we should always err on the side of caution . Out of the many possible things that I like about Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor, one of the main features for me is the security, in respect to the night staff. Full CCTV cameras are functioning, guests security is paramount.

Inside of the normal one staff, Apple Hotel has two staff on at night time. The staff takes turns in doing the nightly rounds assuring guests safety. Another nifty feature is the two doors. First of all you need a key card to get into reception lobby. Secondly, the person needs to walk past reception utilizing the key to get into the lobby for rooms or lifts. If you sneak in through the front, it’s very hard for a person to sneak past the second door. With young security guard David & Co, making the rounds, Guests are assured of a peaceful nights sleep.

Apple Hotel

Checking out a hotel for accommodation is no longer a simple matter of looking at photos. Reviews that we read are taken into account not simply for location but safety. The travel market is booming in Malaysia, with it the Hotel trade however many hotels are overlooking the simple feature of Hotel Security. The value of your personal safety should always be number one when looking for a Hotel. It seems to be far to neglected in my opinion. As mentioned before, it is a must for a Hotel to have have two staff on at the graveyard shift. They must do rounds around all floors, CCTV cameras are a must. These are just some of the methods employed at Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.