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Top Three Shopping Malls in Bukit Bintang

A hop and a step away from Apple Hotel is what I like to call an Army of Shopping Malls in Bukit Bintang. Apple Hotel is based in Jalan Alor which is the next street to Bukit Bintang. A five minute walk can lead you to a variety of different shopping malls in the area. Now it all comes down to your budget as to which shopping mall you should visit.

We have already discussed the street markets pr Pasar malam as another option for shopping however most of the products offered there can be found in the shopping malls close to Apple Hotel. Seeing that the favorite past times for Malaysians is shopping or food, it’s no wonder so many shopping malls are within reach to make it easy and accessible for tourists and locals on their visit to Kuala Lumpur.

Pavilion Shopping Mall.

Pavilion shopping mall is relatively new still in Kuala Lumpur, around a 5 minute walk from Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor, It offers shopping for people who like the big brands. The complex itself is seven levels and has as many as 450 shopping outlets. You are greeted by a delightful fountain when you come to the forefront of the complex. The ground floor has endless restaurants and coffee shops. More can be found on in the complex itself. Pavilion is stylish yet not in your face like so many other Malls. The design is graceful and it’s pretty easy to navigate yourself around. Thou most shops offer great deals, this can be tight on the budget for your average backpacker. Either way, this place is a must visit.

Pavilion Entrance

Sungei Plaza & BB Plaza

Sungei Plaza merges into BB Plaza. This complex is massive. The Plaza is any bargain hunters dream. Most places will negotiate as you will find a lot of fake goods here. This place is a bit more in your face and you will find all the things in the street markets of China Town Here, but for those who prefer to be indoors and not out in the heat, this is the place for you. A lot of clothing labels you will find here are local creations by talented designers looking for a bit of exposure. Opened around the 96-97, this complex houses around 500 retailers and still attracts tens of thousands of visitors every day. Well worth a walk around. Once again very close to Apple Hotel around 5 minute walk.

Sungei Wang & BB Plaza

Times Square

My third choice wasn’t a simple one.  With so many in this area, I settled with Berjaya Times Square. Being a big kid, my main reason is the roller coaster. In saying that thou, this place is a gem to shop in the. Things that got my attention here is the theme park (great for families) also is the massive IMAX. You will also find several shops here offering one of a kind items that no other shopping mall has. It’s around a ten minute walk from Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor. Another option is the monorail from Bukit Bintang. It cost’s less than RM2 and it can save walkingin the heat. It’s one stop from Bukit Bintang. A very stylish place and well worth a visit.

Times Square

So there it is. 3 of the shopping malls in Bukit Bingtang close to Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Put a day aside and try and do each one however it can be tiring for some and would suggest 3 days, spending at least half a day in each as each offers unique shopping opportunities.