Food Around Apple Hotel
December 29, 2010
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Three Reasons to Book @ APPLE HOTEL

Apple Hotel is steadily bridging the gap setting the market trend between Hotels and Guest House accommodation. While most of the market focuses on capturing Guests for the Holiday season, Apple Hotel has focused their energy on setting a very high standard of Customer Service to making sure all the Guests needs are being made.

Apple Hotel is located in the busy Bukit Bintang area. Jalan Alor is the actual street of the Hotel and this street wakes up at night time with restaurants lined up from the top of the street to the bottom. The focus is mostly Chinese food however a little piece of everything can be found here. The traditional Halal food of the local Muslims to the Thai & Vietnamese. Some of the places attract people from out of Sate for their taste and reputation.

So after walking around and sampling some of the local dishes , taking in the shopping, having a quiet beer at the bar. These are the top ten reasons to visit this very new Kuala Lumpur Hotel .

Number one is the decor. Walking into Apple Hotel you will find the chairs, the basins the light switch. the decor is consistent with th Apple theme.

Number two is the Jalan Alor. If you are a food lover, do not hesitate to book as Jalan Alor is full of quality food places. Just take a stroll down the road and everything is at your finger tips.

Number three is Changkat Bukit Bintang. Changkat is slightly up market however it provides restaurants & pubs all down the road. This road is usually very busy and the clubs provide very good entertainment.

Three good reasons to book at the Apple Hotel. As a  Budget Hotel in Bukit Bintang, Apple Hotel offers a lot more than that. The price starting at RM88 is a lot lighter on the wallet than most hotels that start at 3 times this price. Apple Hotel is a step ahead of the current market trend in hotels.