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May 28, 2012
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The Kuala Lumpur Tower

Aside from the world-renowned Petronas Towers, Malaysia prides itself with the Kuala Lumpur Tower – a telecommunications and broadcasting skyscraper built in 1996 and standing at 421 meters high. It is the fourth tallest among the world’s telecommunications towers. At first sight, tourists make the common mistake of thinking that the latter is taller than the Petronas Towers, which is because the tower has been erected on top of a hill, the Bukit Nanas.

Kuala Lumpur TowerAnother popular fact about the KL tower gains its credit from housing the world’s highest-seated McDonald’s chain. On a more serious note, the observation deck of the tower is one of its glories, allowing tourists and visitors to view the entire city from the top. As soon as tourists reach the hilltop, the green ambience greets them in preparation for more breath-taking sceneries waiting for them. The area is surrounded by single oldest forest grounds in Malaysia – the Bukit Nanas Forest – housing old trees, flowers, and plants in a perfectly tropical weather. Tourists should definitely go up the hill with the shuttle service available or via taxi, but it is more advisable to walk on their way back to experience the best that the tourist spot could offer.


Upon reaching the Kuala Lumpur Tower, it is easy to appreciate the architecture of the structure which openly shows the country’s culture, history, and religious heritage with the highly detailed Islamic scripts and tiles. The color combinations used in the interior of the structure supports this proud statement. While the observation deck is the main attraction of the tower, situated on various levels of the tower are gift and souvenir shops, restaurants, fast food chains, and other tourist spots. The variety of things to do gives diversity in the tourists’ whole experience. provides pointers to get excellent relaxation packages and hotel accommodations after a long day of touring and adventure.