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The History of Christmas and Christmas Traditions

The Christmas Tree. Hanging Stockings. Christmas Cards. Carolling. Santa Claus. Gift Giving. Egg Nog. The Yule Log.

Christmas TraditionsDo you know where these traditions came from? Are you someone that believes they’ve simply “always existed” and is something we, as a Nation have always done every year around December 24th? Or do you believe that we simply “created” them ourselves?

If you are, then you really don’t know the history of Christmas traditions. Have you ever wondered why we do the things we do when the snow begins to fall and the air becomes oh so chilly? There is a reason we perform every single Christmas tradition we know today.

And some of them may not be why you think!

Here’s a secret you may not know… Many of the Christmas traditions we use to celebrate our National Holiday didn’t even originate in our country! Hard to believe? Well, it’s 100%, without a doubt F-A-C-T.

Guess what else? Christmas almost didn’t exist in our country!


Yep, it’s true. In fact, some of the earliest “Powers That Be” did not believe in the Holiday because of it’s origins. Now you might be thinking, “How Can That Be?? Surely That Isn’t The Case At All. Someone Must Be Misinformed About This Sacred Holiday!”.

I can assure you that someone IS misinformed about this holiday. And, it could be you. Or someone you know that doesn’t understand the true history behind Christmas and the traditions that surround our most sacred of holidays. Wouldn’t you like to know exactly where it all began and how we celebrate the Christmas holiday today is a result of our past? Well, you’re going to read about the whole thing. Right here and now within these very pages. So sit back, grab a cup of your favorite Holiday beverage, and prepare yourself to discover The History of Christmas and Christmas Traditions!

Part 1 : Christmas – Where It All Began

Part 2 : What Is A Christmas Tradition?

While not many of the traditions we celebrate as a part of our American Christmas began in our country, they were meaningful to the cultures that created them. And, they are just as meaningful to us today. Even if the
meaning is somewhat different.

One thing is abundantly clear, Christmas is a joyous occasion that we spend with family and friends to not only celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but to enjoy one another’s company, if only for one day out of the year.

It is my sincerest hope that you have enjoyed reading about where our American Christmas traditions originated from and that you remember even though we may come from different places across the globe, we are all connected as brothers and sisters.