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February 11, 2011
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February 12, 2011
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The Apple Chair

Every Hotel you walk into these days has something unique about it. Some may be the stylish pool, others the beautiful scenery or simply the level of customer service you do or don’t receive.  One such unique feature is also available at the Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Apple Hotel has really put some brains and branding power into the concept of the Apple. The green that you notice from outside to walking in gives it a true feeling of green power as we call in New Zealand and in Australia. The true green feeling is that of the very eco environment. The presence walking into that lobby gives that unique feeling.

The hotel has gone the distance letting guests keep the towel that so often effects our environment. I feel some browny points have to be earned here. However all of this pales in front of the the one thing I fell in love with. The chairs at reception at Apple Hotel. These chairs are made from rattan and are part of a dieing trait in Malaysia. The chairs are beautifully made in the shape of an apple. Yes, thats right, an apple, see for yourself.

Rattan Chairs

This amazing art is one that takes skill and patience. Rattan is supplied by many countries including Malaysia. In forests where rattan grows, its economic value can help protect forest land, by providing an alternative to loggers who forgo timber logging and harvest rattan canes instead. Rattan is much easier to harvest, requires simpler tools and is much easier to transport. It also grows much faster than most tropical wood. This makes it a potential tool in forest maintenance, since it provides a profitable crop that depends on rather than replaces trees. It remains to be seen whether rattan can be as profitable or useful as the alternatives.

Other things to note in are the basins in the bedroom which is also shaped like a Apple and the light in the room. Yes, you guessed it, it is also an apple. It all comes down to memory and I feel coming to the Apple Hotel, you will never forget it as the image is always in you head.

Walking into something green