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Safety and Security in Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

Safety and Security in a Hotel

Guests when generally looking for accommodation look at the pictures provided for them by the Hotels. The hotels generally project a nice comfortable environment through the various photographs hence giving the customers a real sense of safety and security.
Most Hotels in the Bukit Bintang area recently have a track record they can’t be too proud of when it comes to ther security and guest safety. What lengths should a hotel go to ensure the guest is safe when in the Hotel environment. I would say that no length is too short or too tall. The number one priority for a Hotel should be the safety of the guests. This creates an environment a guest is comfortable with. Recently trawling through many different booking portals, one thing that seemed missing was the security and safety feature. For families this is one thing that they should look at and it should be an added feature in all booking engines. Sure things like how clean it is, location can be taken into account however what are you willing to give up for your safety.
Thou most hotels have taken the extra precaution necessary to maintain security. Some Hotels and Gueshouses included only seem to have one person working the graveyard shift. I feel in Kuala Lumpur that is not enough.
In major tourist areas like China Town, Bukit Bintang, Jalan Alor this generally seems to be the case. One Hotel that has taken this to heart is Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The Hotel staff take safetyand Security of Guests very seriously.
As you walk into the lobby you get the overall feeling you get when walking into your own home. The front door can only be accsessed via a security card. The Door is open throughout the day however at night it is locked and can only be opened via Security Card.
AS you check in, another security feature is entrance past front desk. This is always locked and can be only be opened by the security card handed to you the staff upon check in.
The security cards are also unique as with most hotels, you can use any old card to stick into conductor to recieve power however this is not the case at Apple Hotel. Only the card canbe used for this. As with most cases the card lets you into only your room.
I tested the security at night as well and found it to be quite sound. Instead of one, I found two night staff working. No one goes past the front desk without security card. Generally Apple Hotel seems to be rather booked up as it is a small Designer Hotel. This Boutique Hotel has around forty rooms which is broken into Double room which holds two people, A family room that can sleep three comfortably, also available are twin rooms and singles however the single room is always fully booked as the rates are very good.
How serious is your hotel about it’s security? I would recommend this Hotel to anyone based on the above crateria. In saying that I would also say that this hotel is very clean and comfortable and gives a true sense of home away from home even thou it’s a bit small however they make you aware of that on the website and are more than willing to show you a room upon check in.
In summary I think we can never put a price on safety and security when travelling and this Little Boutique Hotel in Kuala Lumpur has a big seal of approval from me.