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February 4, 2011
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February 6, 2011
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Pasar Malam Around Apple Hotel

Night Market in Kuala Lumpur

Night time is when Kuala Lumpur comes to life.  The colors and smell of food makes it attractive and exciting walking the streets of the Pasar Malam.  Pasar Malam or night markets  are galaxy away from the trendy shopping malls in Bukit Bintang. After visiting most of these markets, I have decided to list my favorites, bear in mind, this is in no particular order and is easily found by most tourist. I have been to a few before in Thailand and they were quite nice however in Kuala Lumpur, they are abundant. I decided to note a couple down close to the Apple Hotel to get us started.
1.My first stop is the Petaling Street night markets.In my opinion, this place in China Town is absolutely amazing. Here you can get pretty much anything and as my friend said about her louis vuitton bags, you just can’t tell the difference between some of them. Walking through some of the streets, you might forgive yourself for not finding an exit as some of these little streets are designed to make sure you can’t get out unless you walk the full length of the market. If you want anything fake, you will find it here. Plenty of side vendors take stock as well with some delicious food. I happened to try the peanut pancake which was delicious. This place is around 5 minutes from Apple Hotel and you can walk there in around 15 minutes.

Chinatown Market

There are also several others, such as the Central Market and others around the Petaling and Chow Kit Many communities have their own markets, which are a bit ‘informal. Kuala Lumpur at night, if there is an open, someone moves into a stall and start selling things. Take into consideration that the market in China Town is open day & night.
2. Not far from Chinatown is Masjid India. Mainly from the Indian Muslim community, businesses reflects their customs and lifestyle. The rows of textile shops in India, the money changers (you can see great prices here), etc Bollywood VCD shops, imported clay pots and brass, this street is colored saris to visit if you are interested in artifacts Indians.

Masjid Night Market

These two places are not far from Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur as mentioned earlier however if you don’t like walking, take the monorail which costs around RM2. Taxis will always charge a bit more than the RM5 they are supposed to. Take the time to try the food as it is totally amazing. I wish I had the chance to show Anthony Bourdain around these places as he would appreciate the food. So if your a food lover make you give these places a try when next staying in a Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.