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March 9, 2011
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Nasi Dagang in Kuala Lumpur

Today is the second day of the Franchise Exhibition however we will continue with our journey for breakfast food in Kuala Lumpur and today I had another delightful little treat for breakfast, Nasi Dagang. So what is Nasi Dagang? Now if you don’t like fish, than I feel very sorry for you and this is not the dish you are after.  This wonderful dish is popular mainly in Southern Thailand and heading around many coastal regions around Malaysia where Fish is the staple diet.

Most Malay’s would happily agree that Nasi Dagang is  very good festive food mainly served around when the end of Ramadan. So what gives the Dish it’s unique flavour? It would have to be the fenugreek seeds. Generally the rice is soaked for along period of time to really soften it. When the rice is ready to be steamed, it is thrown together shallots and lemon grass. Coconut milk is added as well and the rice in some cases may be cooked twice and the milk added twice. This is often done to make sure the finish is quite creamy.

Nasi Dagang

The fish curry that completes the dish is next and this is locally known as “gulai darat” The word curry can be a bit misleading as the no traditional Indian curry powder is used. In cooking the Fish “Curry”, everything and anything seems to be thrown including coconut milk, turmeirc, and no dish is complete without chilli paste, more lemon grass and the blue ginger they love so much.

The choice of fish depends on the locality. Tuna seems to be standard however salmon and other local fish can also be used. When prawns are used in some cases the curry is prepared slightly different. Dried coconut shavings may be added to the side, also you will get the hard boiled eggs that normally come with Nasi Lemak. Some vegetable can be added and this is normally picked in rice and sugar. Each area of Malaysia will bring it’s own style of food, that’s one of the beauties of travelling here.

This is another lovely dish and well worth the effort in trying, once again the stall near the start of Jalan Alor has this and is only open for a few hours a day as I mentioned in my other blog. Apple Hotel has the food guide to help you find the place, Just ask the staff. Mr Ali knows all the food places. The hotel is ideally located if you just want to take stroll to China Town or start the new food trail.  Kuala Lumpur is full of hidden gems as I have discovered, If you have any great  ideas about food, why not write and article and send it in to us. We also have a Facebook page that offers advice and tips for any traveller or simply a local looking for something different.

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