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February 1, 2011
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February 3, 2011
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MY Little Rojak in Kuala Lumpur

Trying the Delicious Taste of Rojak in Kuala Lumpur
Today we drove around to a certain location that promised a little something different for me but normal for Malays. My first hand experience at trying Rojak. Rojak is made is made in many different countries in many different styles. Each country adopting it as there local flavorsome dish and changing the recipe slightly. The one I tried today was a Mamak or Indian Rojak.

Plate of lovely Rojak

Rojak generally means mixture and the term is spelt Rujak in Indonesia. Rojak in the local market here in Malaysia can contain dough, bean curds, boiled eggs even pawn fritters and sometimes cuttlefish. This is generally mixed with bean sprouts and finished off with a spicy and sweet sauce which thick in texture and has peanuts in it more close to the satay sauces you would get. Different ares in Malaysia will have have different Rojak styles as I have heard and not tried the Penang Rojak which has guava and squid fritters and honey into the mixture.
As i took my first spoon full of Rojak, I must say it was amazing. The taste was unreal with the sweet and spicy really coming through. Adding in the tofu and bean sprouts gave it a slightly rubbery taste in my mind however I will admit that it took me less than 3 minutes to polish the plate. As a tourist it always comes down to the cost. It was 5RM without any drinks. We turned up there at around one in the afternoon and the bloke was already closing down shop. He had already sold out. I saw a few others come by and get turned away and felt very lucky to have got some Rojak. For all you people who can’t quite handle the spicy taste, don’t worry it’s actually not that spicy at all as my Swedish friend told. She said it was the perfect balance for somone who can’t handle a lot of hot food.
Rojak is available in Jalan Alor itself a little twenty meter walk down the steet however it’s a Chinese local version of it and the lady only comes on a Tuesday and Friday. This version has more a fruit than the Indian one I had today. Cucumbers and pineapple sometimes but always ever present bean sprouts and Tofu.

Penang Rojak

Rojak is available pretty much everywhere however it’s the good vs the bad, Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur is pretty much a great point to work off in your food trip specially with the monorail being so close. If you know a local in Kuala Lumpur, well that’s even better as they can show you the great places. The places I went to was in the Jalan Ampang area which is about 5 minutes from Apple Hotel. A taxi from the Hotel to this place would be around 5RM. Now is it worth it? I would say for such a wicked chance at eating at a famous place. Yes.
This Food trial created by Apple Hotel in Bukit Bintang is surely going to help the numbers of tourist coming in with a absolutely no Idea on where to eat or drink, this is very ideal. Food is the pathway to a great life as someone once told me and I must say, trying food around Jalan Alor in Kuala Lumpur, I can see why.