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Malaysian Food for the Tourist.

One thing mentioned about Malaysia is always the food. Malaysian’s love food. Even before any sort of business is done, food is taken and generally no one mentions the business at hand till after the food. Malaysian food can be separated into three categories. Chinese, Indian and Malay. Others like Thai, Vietnamese food make up the smaller part of the overall pie.

Beautiful Food

Local Malays love using fruit in their dishes, imagine a beautiful pineapple curry. Big also on the table is seafood. Sometimes I feel that ALL Malaysian love seafood. Malays, Indians and Chinese alike. It’s no wonder. The sea is nearby and fish is fresh. Prawns, squids, sting-ray, yes In said sting-ray, I have had the fortune of trying stingray a couple of times, both times grilled to perfection and the taste is amazing. getting into the bone it is a big chewy however the actual flap of the stingray is very tasty.

As most Malays (not all Malaysians are Malay!) are Muslim, pork or any food that comes from a pig is never used in Malay cuisine. Even cutlery and crockery used to serve Muslims must not have been used to serve pork. Chinese cuisine can also be offered in halal fashion and is available in abundance.

They are also prohibited from consuming the flesh of predatory animals and predatory birds (ducks are allowed), rodents, reptiles, worms, amphibians (frogs) and the flesh of dead animals. Muslims can only eat meat that is halal. Halal is a way of slaughtering according to the Islamic rites.

Nasi Lemak

The traditional Malay way of eating is by using the right hand. The use of the left hand is considered bad manners. The same goes with receiving or giving things, always use the right hand.

In eating stalls or at homes where hands are used to eat, guests will provided with a pot of water to wash their hands before and after the meal. Remember, this water is not for drinking. Or you simply use the always available tap to wash your hands.

So simply remember that next time you go to our local friends for dinner. If ever invited to a local for dinner, please do go as the food will be amazing. The time and effort gone into making the meal. Malaysia is a food paradise.