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Malaysia Independence Day Hari Merdeka

Independence day hari merdeka is the national day of Malaysia which is held annually on 31st August. This day memorializes the independence of the Federation of Malaya from British colonial rule in 1957. Malaysia’s national day – Hari Merdeka is celebrated all over the country, particularly in KL. It is the festival time to be in Kuala Lumpur or anywhere in Malaysia.

Several events are held during this festival that enhance the beauty of this day. At this event, flags are hoisted & political leaders appear at public events. Besides this, lots of other events are also held such as parades in the morning, fireworks in the evening, royal procession, cultural performances, military demonstration, intricate floats etc.

Malaysia Independence Day Hari Merdeka

This year, Malaysia will celebrate its 55th independence day. Just like previous year, this great day will be celebrated throughout August 2012 & possible extended until mid September. In the previous year Malaysia Independence Day 2011, the theme was 1Malaysia, Transformasi Berjaya, Rakyat Sejahtera but in the year of 2012, theme of Independence Day (Hari Merdeka) will be “Janji Ditepati”.

Hari Mardeka – Independence day ends enthusiastically with a festival and parade known as Merdeka Parade. Various government agencies and private sectors join together to participate Merdeka parade.

The formation of federation of Malaysia was announced on September 16, 1963 as Malaysia day but the nationwide independence day is still celebrated on 31st August (original independence date of Malaya). In the year of 2009, it was decided that beginning 2010, Malaysia Day would be a nationwide public holiday in addition to Hari Merdeka on 31st August.

The great independence day (Hari Merdeka) is celebrated by many people at square in Kula Lumpur where a large parade and festival is held. Malaysians from all background, race and religion gather in crowds at Merdeka square, raise flags and show their National pride.

Malaysia Independence Day Hari Merdeka News Update :

IN CELEBRATION of Merdeka, StarMetro will be taking a trip down memory lane with Merdeka Memories — a series of photo plays highlighting key National Day celebrations and featuring the nation’s six Prime Ministers.

We kick off with the first Independence Day in 1957.

Come Aug 31, Malaysia will be celebrating its 55th Independence Day (Hari Merdeka) this year.

Source news from TheStar : The birth of a nation


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