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Local Delights in Kuala Lumpur

This morning, I decided to take a stroll to China Tow. China Town is around 10 to 15 minutes walk from Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor. It is full of hustlers trying to make a buck with their fake goods and some very nice street food. In this post I was going to do a blog about the various street food in China Town however one caught my eye and I decided i will dedicate the whole post to it.

The one is particular is Pancakes. Pancakes are something most westerners have had, but this one is done on a scale I haven’t seen before. The Chinese bloke has been doing this for years on end and you can see that he has perfected the technique.

Apam Balik in China Town

Now the first thing I want to mention is, Make sure you pick one with a highly crispy crispy edge. I stood and watched the man make this local delight. I do apologize about the photos however I didn’t have my camera and resorted to using my Iphone.

The ingredients involved are Flour, water, eggs, yeast and sugar making it a lot thicker than most pancakes. He also has peanuts in crumbs and extra sugar all added together to give it the delicious flavor. Some may even use coconut milk. The milk is brought every day in these little plastic bags and you will find him there from around 10 am to late at night. What really gets me is the cost of these after he finishes cutting it. A whole RM1.50 per slice. Now one slice of this was not enough for me but it is still quite heavy.

The taste is divine. The peanut melts with the brown sugar as you take a bit into the Apam Balik.  I would seriously suggest trying this when going to China Town. It is well worth the price of admission.

Apam Balik the flip

Apam Balik wrapped and ready to be cut