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March 4, 2011
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March 8, 2011
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Local breakfast in Kuala Lumpur

Yesterday we touched on the breakfast food provided by Malay’s in Kuala Lumpur. We touched on the delicious Roti Chenai and the lovely Lemak. So what else is available for breakfast. Walking around Jalan Alor the choices are limitless. Least we forget that around the back we have Jalan Ton Shin as well which also provides a Mecca of Food. Bukit Bintang in general has plenty to offer in terms of food. Let’s explore a little more and see what other breakfast food in available.

One that I found today was “Lontong”. What is Lontong? To answer my own question, Lontong is a dish made from compressed rice that is cut into small cakes. This wonderful dish is usually served cold or as in. Now it is normally a nice sidekick to any Satay dish however you may get this with gado-gado. This is more so an Indonesian dish however has been aggregated into the Malay food lifestyle. The rice is normally only partially cooked than packed into banana leaves which are rolled tight. Once the leaf is airtight, it is chucked into boiling water and left for around an hour and a half. They are other ways of cooking it however this method is generally well used.


Lontong is available also in Indonesia. The difference with the local is generally the yellowish creamy soup they serve with it. This is made from coconut milk , the usual suspects of garlics, onions, ginger and shallots are also used. It seems more like the taste and flavour has a Thai feel but it is very delicious. The reason I say that is because of the lemon grass that gives it that unique taste. Tofu can also be added to this with chilli and than can be cooked in vegetable oil. As with most cooking methodology, every chef has his or her own method so it may vary depending on which stall you eat it.

Along Jalan Alor, it may be best to ask local stalls as not all of them would supple this wonderful dish. Take a walk around to the back of Jalan Alor and you will find another sort of heaven for food. Here you may try the local sweet bread the Malaysians love so much for breakfast. The bread is normally served with a big stick of butter. It is very different to the bread we get at home and the taste as mentioned is sweet. Peanut butter for me was a great choice for this bread. Try and ask the bloke to toast it for you however bare in mind , this is not always successful.

The one thing as a tourist that will always be have us perplexed on what to eat when arriving to a new Asian Country. In Malaysia, the food is amazing and the style, flavour boundless. Sometimes we should all dive in and try something different in this wonderful country. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and with three brilliant cultures to choose your breakfast meal from, how can we go wrong. Malaysia is food paradise.

Lontong Preparation