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Kuala Lumpur Tourism

Kuala Lumpur Tourism Tips

Kuala Lumpur Tourism – The Asian Destination
So you have decided to visit Kuala Lumpur – an excellent choice.  However, before you fly off, here are a few tips on staying, traveling, shopping, touring and eating, of course.  This South East Asian city is a homogenous mixed bag of ethnicity, ancient culture and the latest technical and transportation advancements.  So welcome to Malaysia’s capital city – Kuala Lumpur, better known as KL by the city’s residents.

Conveyance in the city
Kuala Lumpur TourismKuala Lumpur tourism is flooded with taxi cabs, buses and rail roads known as Light Rail Transportation (LRT).  Prepaid taxi booths are spread across the city and guarantee safety and reasonable charges, but stay away from over-friendly agents and touts.  The LRTs are a great mode of communicating within the city; though these may be over crowded during the peak office hours.  You can tour the city by getting on to a KLHO or KL-Hop On Hop-Off bus and view Kuala Lumpur in a grand style.  For a more leisurely tour roam around on the RapidKL buses – winding through the city streets and stopping at nearly every stop.  When in doubt you can always ask the friendly locals for help and take a cue from the road signs which are written in English as well as in Malay.

Shopper’s and gourmet’s paradise
Malls and shops are strewn all over the city with merchandise from abroad and locally made.  Kuala Lumpur has a population comprising of different nationalities settled here – Chinese, Malay and Indians with some Portuguese for good measure.  With such diversity of culture and ethnicity, can a wide range of food be far behind?  Shops, stalls, kiosks, restaurants, cafes, pubs and diners are to be found everywhere you travel in the city.  Even the roadside hawkers serve up some exquisite recipes you may have never tasted earlier.

Where to stay at Kuala Lumpur Tourism
When you come here you tend to become extravagant; save money by staying at Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.  Apple hotel are close to the market centers, food areas and commuting centers, thus making it easy for you to move around.  Apple Hotel at Bukit Bintang has cozy rooms, featuring latest wi-fi and internet connections; total comforts in the rooms without being paying extra luxurious.  Two special features about Apple Hotel – special luggage space for guest and every guest is allowed to take home the new set of towels and pillow case!