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September 4, 2011
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King Of Jalan Alor!

Many people will be thinking that King Of Jalan Alor is Durian! That is true, if you happened to visit Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, you will notice that there is one Durian stall at the beginning of Jalan Alor. In fact, many people have tried the Durian and almost all are good feedback, including me as well (as I love to eat Durian :)

However, the King Of Jalan Alor doesn’t belong only to Durian, today, I am going to share with you another King of Jalan Alor! Yes, that is King Of Jalan Alor – The Monkey! Here is the handsome look of Alor Monkey :


One sunny morning while I was travelling down Jalan Alor, Alor Monkey caught my attention, He is enjoying his morning breakfast on top of one of the shoplot alongside Jalan Alor. According to my friend (my friend has been living in Jalan Alor street more than 20 years), Alor Monkey has been living in Jalan Alor for many years, Jalan Alor is his home.

You can only see Alor Monkey at certain time in the morning in Jalan Alor. He will come out to Jalan Alor street (he lives in one of the big tree in Jalan Alor) to look for food, and thankfully people in Jalan Alor are kind enough to give him good food everyday! I shot a short video on him enjoying sugarcane, watch below :


Come to visit Jalan Alor and catch Alor Monkey in action! If you need a nice place to stay in Jalan Alor, don’t forget to drop by Apple Hotel, you will love it!