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iPAD Check-In Arrives at Apple Hotel

Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur as we know is no ordinary Hotel. The decor with the lovely rattan chairs upon check in to the nice little touches to the lights, basin is what make this boutique hotel amazing. As before, Apple Hotel has set a trend now picked up by others of video reviewing it’s guests. Now this little budget hotel is taking it to the next stage. The Ipad.

Apple Hotel as of today is offering guests the opportunity to check in via iPad. That’s right I did say the iPad. Upon check in, guests have the option of using the hotel iPad to enter in details including name, address, email etc. This allows the Hotel to not make any mistakes in the guests name or email address or even the phone number in case of an emergency. The cost is not large as there is a need to the accuracy needed in keeping the customers contacts.

The cool factor.  Yes, we all know ipads are cool and great to play around with. I’m even wondering if the guests will give it back. I had a little go with iPad giving it a nice wee test drive and I have to say, it was simple. I loved the ability to do it myself and having a long name, not stand there and continually spell it out. This is a huge advantage as a lot of budget hotel’s struggle to find staff that speak English as a second or third language.

Apple Hotel has the Ipad

Why the iPad? Talking to CEO Jerry Ho, The words he used was “Simple and Easy and it’s cool”.  Ipad is the choice of tablet  most used by people in the current market. He stated that a lot of people were familiar with this device and operation was very easy. It gives the customer another talking point when checking in hence creating a buzz. Mr Jerry Ho is a fan of Apple products as we can clearly see. He has a Apple iPhone 4, I had to ask if that is why he named this place Apple Hotel. The answer really caught me by surprise. Mr Ho said ” The first letter in the alphabet is A, and when people are taught English, A for Apple is the first word. A brand that is easy to remember and associate with the English Language.” Brilliant as I thought about it. We are taught A for Apple and also an Apple a day keeps the doctor away. A good reason to stay at the Apple Hotel I would say.

So what’s next? It already seems clear to me that Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur is a innovator among boutique hotels. The Facebook page would suggest that as well as other things like the video reviews and of course the introduction of the iPad. The question is where can Apple Hotel go next with it’s innovation? Mr Jerry Ho as already stated to watch Apple Hotel as they are just getting started in the battle of the boutique hotels in Kuala Lumpur.

With competitive prices and iPad for checking in, really this is one hotel that is making waves in Malaysia. This little hotel based in Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang is setting the bar very high for other hotels in Kuala Lumpur. The hotel is clean and comfortable making it a ideal place for vacation. The rooms albeit a little small are not catered for families and would suit the traveler looking for no frills accommodation in Kuala Lumpur. A great little hotel with some nifty gadgets. That’s Apple Hotel is moving forward and I can’t wait to see what is next.

Apple Hotel Lobby