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February 24, 2011
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February 26, 2011
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How Many of These have you done in Kuala Lumpur

We decided to add 5 things every tourist should do in Kuala Lumpur. How many can you check off your list.

  1. KLCC or Petronas Towers, These picturesque towers are about a 20 minute walk from Apple Hotel. You can catch the monorail but still a good 7 minute walk. Best results for photos, go at night, the day photos are a bit average. The site is simply amazing at night time.You can try lots of different vantage points and it’s fairly safe to walk around at night.  The Petronas was the tallest building in the world till around 2004.

    Petronas Towers

  2. Whilst sticking on the list of Towers, why not try the KL Towers? The KL Towers are around a ten minute walk from Apple Hotel and delight in a 360 degree view of Kuala Lumpur. Simply beautiful. You can go on the day and unlike Petronas, you don’t have to turn up and Que at 7am in the morning to get a ticket.

    Kl Tower Kuala Lumpur

  3. China Town in Kuala Lumpur. The iconic China Town is more than a simple street market. The place is a bargain hunters paradise. Around a twenty minute walk from Apple Hotel. The place has it all (fake of-course). Try some of the local street food or simply wander around to get the best price. Some of the food there is simply amazing but with noise around, not a great place to stay if desire a great nights sleep.

    China Town (Bargain Hunters Paradise )

  4. Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur is one of the few places that isn’t walking distance from Apple Hotel. The caves itself contain three big ones and a number of small ones. Around 800 000 people go there every here for Thaipusam, a festival of penance. Well worth a visit, around RM40 should get you there.

    Amazing at Batu Caves

  5. The final one is the holy grail of food. Jalan Alor. This is right outside Apple Hotel. You can’t go wrong with food here as the choices are vast. Some will try and overprice items however in general, the food here is very very good.

    Jalan Alor near Apple Hotel