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March 10, 2011
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March 13, 2011
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How Addicted are we to the MATTA Fair in Kuala Lumpur

Today was one of those days where everything started with a rush, got busier than came to a gentle stop. I have experienced a lot of local Malaysian delights in my time here however today was I guess can be attributed to a delight of sorts. I can take a notch off my belt and say that I have walked through MATTA Fair and lived. Well, it’s not that bad but if your looking for a travel bargain, than this is your dream come true.

What is MATTA Fair for all us tourist who have never been? This travel bargain basement is a free for all shopping spree where the person may find a holiday for a much discounted price. MATTA stands for Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents, this was started on a rainy day in 1975 (the rainy day is my touch, I have no idea what the weather was like). This whole thing started with around 30 members and has now grown to be the number one Holiday Shopping Fair in Malaysia. Mr Loh Yit Lock was the very first president of MATTA , this position in now run by Dato’ Mohd Khalid B Harun.

I'm not sure what it is

The Holiday shopping spree is a mixture of colour and people and I mean lots of people. We were lucky enough to arrive early and miss what seemed like a mad rush. This is every Holiday companies dream, having hundreds of thousands of people shopping for their product and the best part of been able to engage with them. From the entrance to the walk around the two buildings, I was met with people dressed in the traditional costumes of their native country, form the bush looking man from Sarawak to the elegant Indonesians and beautiful Ladies from Thailand.

Little piece of Indonesia

In my walking around, one thing that constantly annoyed me was the constant shoving of pamphlets in my face. This really did irritate me however it was all due to my constant good looks to I can’t really blame them. Not only is this Fair covering two buildings but also every inch available seems to be covered by someone. One company that had the staff dressed in Traditional Japanese Costumes was Hello Holidays. The Costumes were a nice touch and the light for the lantern gave it a great theme. I really enjoyed talking to Mr Tai Poh Kim, Director of Hello Holidays. He had a great sense of calmness not shown here by a lot of other die hard sellers. The Branding and awareness created in this Fair can lead to high conversions later down the track.

We just had to snap a photo

MATTA FAIR 2011 is running for another few days, so if you’re a hunter for cheap trips to Japan, head down and see Hello Holiday. The easiest way to get there from Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur is via the monorail at Bukit Bintang. Just ask front desk , it’s around a 5 minute walk and another 5 on the monorail. This is really a one of a kind experience. If your in Kuala Lumpur over the weekend pop over to the fair, the entry fee is a RM3. By the way, not to sound like i’m overly promoting a product through the blog, if you book with Hello Holidays, they will throw a free travel bag into the mix. The travel bag is actually really high quality. Take the time and really experience the thrill of this beautiful, colourful, busy fair, I feel it’s worth a trip.