Hotel Promotion Winner Week Two
May 21, 2011
Hotel Promotion to Continue for one more week
May 28, 2011
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Hotel Promotion Win 3 Days

Win 3 nights at Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur

Apple Hotel has been running a capture and win promotion recently. Heading into the last week of the hotel promotion,we can successfully say that the Apple Hotel Fans are very creative and supportive of their friends. The winner of each of the last two weeks have been people with the most votes hence the best marketing skills. All the entries have been really creative and heading into the last week of the promotion, we again have some absolute wonderful entries for this hotel promotion.

its all about Apple Hotel

Energized Apple

Apple Coffee

Here are some of the creative entries and one that we did ourselves. Mary Ong won with the energized Apple. The Apple Carvings are pretty cool as well. We decided to do the Apple Coffee to give people an idea of what could be done with an actual Apple. The lengths people have gone to create something is absolutely amazing. This all gos to show that people are creative in this hotel promotion.

Xmas anyone

Either way we look at this, this hotel promotion has been fantastic. The question is, what do you think will win this week? The Crystal Apple, the Apple Headphones, or the photo of Apple far only three entries on the last week, we expected it to be hard to win, but this week looks like the voting isn’t that hard. Pick your favourite Apple Hotel Promotion picture and vote people.