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April 27, 2011
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May 4, 2011
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Hotel Promotion in Kuala Lumpur

Apple Hotel starts it’s new promotion in Kuala Lumpur

Apple Hotel has started a great new promotion for all it’s Facebook Fans this month. The Facebook Fan Page for th Hotel had been a bit dead recently, however Social Media Director Pramesh Kumar said “This will help us engage with our fans and get a better perception of their view of Apple Hotel. Thou numbers are not important, it helps to have a great fan base to start with. Some of our fans live and breathe on Facebook, making it an ideal opportunity launch this project”.  The project will run for a total of 2 months, giving away free stay at the beautiful boutique hotel.

Apple Hotel Free Stay Promotion

The New Hotel Promotion has a mix of all the elements to start a fun filled campaign.  Apple Hotel Facebook fans are asked to grab anything related to an Apple. Eg. Iphone, Ipad, Fruit. Than they are asked to get creative with it and post it on the wall. At the end of the month, the person with the most creative piece is selected the winner. The judges are the fans them selves. By liking the creative work, they give it the vote of confidence.

The idea is as simple as ABC, which is the hotel catch phrase. In four short months, This little Boutique Hotel Has grown from a nobody to a budget hotel force in the Malaysian Market. In terms of traffic, only one other Hotel has more traffic in the Budget Hotel Market. Apple Hotel CEO Jerry Ho said ” Social Media is here to stay and we need to embrace it. By allowing our fans to engage with us on our Social Media sites, we can learn more about how to best provide quality accommodation for them. The consumers have a big voice now through these channels and we need to listen”.

“We recently put up a poll on our fan page and from what they have said ‘free accommodation’. This seemed to be the simplest way to engage with them and give them free accommodation.” Being a weekly prize. It gives the fans time to adjust each week with creative work. The timing is perfect at the moment with fans looking for accommodation within the holiday period, specially for students.

Apple Hotel Promotion

Looks like everyone should crab a camera and get ready to snap or video a themselves with a piece of Apple. The idea of engaging with guests without creating large volume of sales may be alien to Malaysia. The ROI is retaining the fans for the future. Apple Hotel feels it needs to reward all of it’s Facebook fans and this is but one way on a long road to make fans feel part of this boutique hotel. So grab your camera and start snapping and don’t forget to read the rules on our blog.