The History of Christmas and Christmas Traditions
December 24, 2011
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December 27, 2011
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Christmas Gift Giving

Logically, for most Christians, the act of gift giving would be symbolic of the first Christmas Eve and the Three Wise Men bestowing gifts upon the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus to celebrate his birth. And indeed, this is where the tradition of gift-giving began. Of course, throughout the ages, and throughout countless civilizations such as the Romans and Egyptians, subjects would offer up gifts during ancient celebrations or festivals. Unless you are a historian, or scholar, you would not be aware of them.

While the concept of gift-giving remains the same, the methods have changed quite a bit over the centuries. From the Victorian era on, gifts, or presents, have been wrapped with elaborate papers, ribbons, and bows. And instead of placing the gifts at the foot of a King, they are now scattered underneath a Christmas Tree, or found snuggled within our Christmas Stockings.

Even though some might lose sight of where the tradition of gift giving began, the message these gifts bring forth are that of wonder, happiness, and surprise.