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March 5, 2011
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Hokkien Mee in Kuala Lumpur

Yesterday we worked through the day and into the night. My friend seeing the pained hunger in our faces decided we needed something to really feel our bellies. The answer, Hokkien Mee. Hokkien Mee is fried noodles in Hokkien style also known as Fujian style. So the theory is that Hokkien was brought over by the south-eastern Chinese immigrants. The dish is very popular in Singapore and here in our backyard of Malaysia.

Our little adventure took us 5 minutes from Jalan Alor to get to our destination. You can also take a monorail to Maharajalea and it’s literally a 6 minutes walk to the restaurant. Now this is not my first encounter with the delightful Hokkien Mee. I have had the pleasure having an encounter earlier in Australia however this was to prove to be an awakening. This was a bit lavish to say the least.

reverted ..chinese tea

The place we visited was very busy and a table was hard to find. My mate’s wife got a table outside, thou I would suggest eating inside as there is a fan ( who doesn’t love a fan on hot nights). Cantonese or Hokkien seems to be the language of choice here so Jerry (Mate)  started ordering,  for some reason it seemed more like a argument than simply ordering food. When quiered as to what the problem was, the waiter and Jerry were discussing (arguing ) about the quantity of food. The waiter reckoned we were getting too much for the amount of people here. Eventually he was convinced to bring the amount orded.

We ordered some fish cakes for starters and some soup as well. The fish cakes was pretty average with sweet chilli sauce however the soup with some very high quality pork meat was amazing. You get some garlic and spicy chilli paste on the side which is supposed to be for the Hokkien Mee but me being me, I decided to use it for all the dishs.

Fish Cakes

Finally the barrage plates of Hokkien started coming out. First the Mee than Hokkien Mee Hoon. This may be best be descrided as the Vermicelli of noodles. Very light but gosh does it pack a tasty punch. We dug in with gusto and the taste was fantastic. The food thou a bit crazy on the Mee side was still tasty. I was like a drummer going between the Mee, the Hoon and the delicious soup. I felt like Hokkien Mee may actually be a great hangover cure. The brilliant thing was the waiter kept coming back to see if we had finished the meal. I feel I did my bit for the team and my friend Kirian demlosihed the reminder. He is a little man who eats like a Horse. Wouldn’t surprise me if he chased the jockey afterwards on the amount he eats.

He just finished the Horse

Hokkien Mee

We did have the look of smug self-satisfaction on our faces as we gave the waiter the once over. Never say never right. Hokkien Mee restaurant is famous and deadly busy all the time. Try and get there before the dinner rush at 8.30pm and you should be ok for a seat. Ask at the front desk at Apple Hotel and they should  point you in the right direction. The actual place is on jalan Wisma Putra, a short stroll from the monorail station.  A big thanks to Jerry and his family, Prasad and Sue, Keith and the food Terminator Kiran for making it a memorable evening.

Hokkien Mee Hoon

All the Food

Big Bowl of Soup