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Hidden Gems in Kuala Lumpur

Hidden things to do  in Kuala Lumpur

Travelling in Kuala Lumpur is a lot of fun. However given the time and budget, What would you really like to do? Let’s face it, Kuala Lumpur is amazing. The city gives the impression of a highly developed modern giant however beneath the nig tall buildings are the little food stalls, cheap hand bags, watches all fake waiting for a tourist to buy them.

Looking at what i would day, People generally always put the Petronas towers as the one thing they have to do. One of the main things to do is around twenty minutes out of Kuala Lumpur. A place called Putrajaya, this little city was the brainchild of former Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra. The city is named after his surname and also Jaya which mean “Victory” in Sanskrit. The development started in 1995 , Government officials started moving there in 1999 and in 2005 the remaining government moved there making it a civil servant city. Today the population is around 35 000 mainly consisting of government servants.

One of the many Bridges in Putrajaya

One of the many Bridges in Putrajaya

When you go to Putrajaya, easily accessible via train,   it really is like being in a city that has sprung out of nowhere. The roads are very clean, no hawkers like the street like in Kuala Lumpur itself. One of the great highlights of Putrajaya is the Mosque. This Masjid Putra as said in the Malay language is the principal Mosque of Putrajaya. It stands like a beacon for all of Kuala Lumpur. It simply is amazing day and night.

Night time view of the mosque

Other things to consider around here the man made lakes, the bridges that are simply astounding specially at night with the light reflecting them.  So instead of jumping on to the Petronas towers, why not take the train and head over to Putrajaya, and see these magnificent sites. Train information can be found on the Railway website for Malaysian Rail. Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur is around a twenty minute drive from the location. This Budget Hotel in Kuala Lumpur offers other hidden gems in Kuala Lumpur.