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Go Fish Card Games – A Travel Game for All

Everything seems to be prepared for the road trip or flight you are taking. Bags are packed so full that they are ready to burst at the seams, snacks are tucked away within easy reach, and everyone is settling into their seats. But have you planned games for travelling for those moments when the trip begins to get long?

Kids can have an especially hard time sitting still for extended periods of time, but even adults can get a bit tired of traveling. That’s why it is always a smart move to pick out a travel game that can be enjoyed by both the adults and the children in your caravan! Go Fish is a travel game that can be played by nearly any age.

games for travellingThe Go Fish card game has been popular games for travelling for a very long time. The rules are simple. Each player gets 5 cards and must collect cards of the same rank until he or she holds all 4 cards. Usually, there is only one deck of cards used to play this game. It is best to play with about 3-6 people, but any number can play if you increase the number of decks. Travel games should be flexible enough to accommodate different numbers of players, and Go Fish is certainly flexible.

The rules of Go Fish are quite simple and that makes it a great travel game for kids. Everyone gets a chance to play, and there is not too much skill involved. You can even help younger kids play if they have a hard time remembering who they have asked and what card they need next.

Even the best travel plans sometimes go awry due to a variety of reasons. Go Fish is a great travel game to have when you are stuck at an airport, waiting on a flight. It can also help while away the time if you end up unable to be out and about because of inclement weather. Hotel rooms typically do not have a lot of room, so traditional, full-sized board games can be tough to manage. A travel game like Go Fish can be kept in a purse or pocket and does not have to be spread out over a large area.

Go Fish also has the advantage over travel games that require batteries and tons of little pieces. Its simplicity and flexibility make it one of the truly great travel games!

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