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Franchise Exhibition Apple Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The Malaysian Franchise Exhibition launched today with all the bells and whistles of a fine event. The event was officially opened by the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The Franchise Exhibition is an effort to develop the country’s franchise industry. The program is called FUM1M, Francais Ushawan Muda 1Malaysia Program. This agency is under the Minsistry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism which today organised the event.


The Exhibition will also be attended by around 1800 students in the next two days, many will come from institutions of higher learning, Community Colleges, Youth Organisations. This is meant to spread awareness and also understanding especially to this younger generation about Franchise Business.

The exhibition is covered by reporters and journalist from around Malaysia which will promote companies from the food franchise, services and apparel. Thou the hospitality sector seems to be well represented here, there is only one Hotel Franchise offering prospective clients an opportunity into the Hotel Industry. Apple Hotel from Jalan Alor has taken up two boths   side to side to showcase the Hotel in a light that most exhibitors would be proud of.

The Hotel offers a Franchise Opportunity without the hassle of management or even day to day operations. The idea behind this is Jerry Ho, CEO of Apple Hotels. Thou currently in Jalan Alor, the Hotel is looking to expand operations around not just Malaysia but also overseas. The current trend in Budget Hotel would make this a very profitable venture. The front site of the both gives an example of the Hotel Bedroom with toilet and bathroom. Even the smallest detail like the clock , rattan chairs, basin are all shaped just it would be at the actual Apple Hotel.

Jerry Ho CEO Apple Hotel

So it really does look like that a small budget hotel is truly on the up and up in this very competitive market. Mr Ho did mention that the Hotel runs at around 70% weekdays and fully booked in the weekends. He was kind enough to show me his data showing over 4500 visits per month. This is really remarkable for a budget hotel. He said the whole idea is based behind having a great Digital Team behind him that really looks after all his on-line marketing. Also mentioned that Facebook was a big factor in driving sales through the on-line channel. The idea of engagement through social media is not a big deal yet in Malaysia however embracing it has led to some very fruitful results.

HotelPreneur is the mothership for the Apple Hotel brand. All information including Q&A are answered here. This Hotel has really taken the bulls by the horns and provided a major stepping stone for future success.

Apple Hotel beign Interviewed (Mr Ali)

Apple Hotel Designer Chairs