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October 22, 2011
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Four Apples That Changed The World

Four Apples that changed the world : the one that Eve ate, the one that fell on Newton’s head, the one that Steve built and the one that you stay in!

Adam and EveIf one believed what is written in the bible then Adam and Eve started the whole apple debacle.  Because Eve could not resist temptation she just had to take a bit out of the apple in the Garden of Eden.  After that one action the whole world changed and not for the better!!  That one innocent act caused a whole lot of people a whole lot of trouble because the act of resisting temptation caused human beings to be forever have to make choices about right and wrong.  Interesting concept – what would the world be like if Eve had resisted temptation – a whole bunch of goody goodies?

Issac NewtonOf course Issac Newton had no thoughts about resisting temptation when he walked under a tree and an apple fell on his head.  His only thought concerned gravity – what made that apple fall down instead of up?  Ah ha – gravity was discovered and named by Sir Issac.  Someone surely would have discovered this concept before long but an apple again was the catalyst for a whole new way of thinking.

Steve Jobs AppleThe apple most people identify with in this day and age is the “Apple”.  Steve Jobs forever changed the way the world operates by developing Apple products that people just can’t seem to do without.  Gone are the days of calendars and post-it notes and enter the Apple I pad, I phone, I pod  – all paperless ways to keep track of your life.  This Apple is probably the most expensive way the world was changed.

apple-hotelApple Hotel serves today’s discerning travelers and is setting a new standard in the hospitality industry. The Apple Hotel brand promises the unique benefits of the finest designer hotels, including privacy, security, comfort, cleanliness, friendly service and attention to detail combined with modern amenities and conveniences. Apple Hotel is a brand focused on customer satisfaction while taking great care to play its part to be more environmentally friendly.