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Food Around Apple Hotel

A Little Stall with a Big Name

Travelling through Malaysia. The one thing that really stands out is the food. As my friends tell me that if Malaysians arent eating food, they are either talking about food, looking for food or discussing the next meal. Food in Malaysia ranks up there with shopping as the national past time.

Behind Apple Hotel in Bukit Bintang is a stall  that has stood the test of time. Times have changed but the stall in reference has stayed pretty much the same. The Road is called Jalan Rembia and thou a big stall on the corner takes up most of the space as you walk into this little alley type road, It’s the stall by the tall tree in the middle of the street thatcame to my attention. This little stall is owned by Shaik Darwood. Run these days mostly by his sun Mr Darwood is ever present cooking the same food that have made this Little Stall so famous.

Mr Darwood mentions seeing the growth of the tree & buildings all around him for the last 43 years from the muddy swamps to a area busting with Guest Houses, Hotels and competition. The competition doesn’t bother him so much as his belief that every person should have ample choice of where to eat. Sure the money they make now has disminished down from RM450 a day to around RM150 a day. However he’s loyal customers always come back. My personal recommendation is the Lamb & Mutton Curry.

This is prepared early in the morning and left to simmer through the day ready for lunch. The sauce is amazing and I know I will be going back for another helping another day. In this series we will continue discussing the fine foods of Kuala Lumpur specially around the Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang area. Feel free to add your thoughts to the great food we are so lucky to experince every day in Kuala Lumper.