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February 26, 2011
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Enjoy Kaula Lumpur like a Local

Enjoy KL Like a Local

By Erika Lehamn

As a boutique budget hotel, Apple offers guests the opportunity to live like a local no matter how brief a stay in exciting Kuala Lumpur might be. Nestled conveniently between the awe inspiring Petronas towers in City Center, Tasik Perdana Park, and Kelab Golf Driaja Selangor Club, the hidden jems of this historic city shine in plane
sight from Apple’s location at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. One step out of Apple’s welcoming doors on Jalan Alor Road gives guests easy access to the unique neighborhood and adventurous experiences beyond.

Jalan Alor

Start the day like a local with a good, solid meal from one countless street cafes. Here is a chance to experience traditional home cookin’ Malay cuisine. Malaysians are proud of their food, love to eat, and are happy to share. Find a place with the longest line, and some tasty treats are guaranteed. Some travelers feel apprehensive without an English menu, but stepping out of a comfort zone means the chance to broaden it. Cooks offer up exotic edibles, or the always enjoyable chicken and rice or soup bowls, to passers-by. The neighborhood also plays home to a community of vendors who are more than willing to bargain for a fair price on their quality bags, watches, clothes, and other accessories. Undoubtedly a fun way to start the day, Apple’s community is happy to welcome you as a neighbor, even if only for one day.

After an energizing breakfast, a quick walk takes commuters to multiple rail or bus stations near the City Centre. Visitors and locals alike find it easy to relax in the park, shop, and grab a bite to eat while soaking in the sights of a nice day in KL. Window-shopping in the ritzy malls makes for a special treat. There is no need to rush since the area is served by the Rapid KL rail system that makes getting to your next destination worry-free.

The charm that draws so many people to live in, or just visit the city, is the multiculturalism. By living and working together, everyone can share in the wealth of an East-meets-West experience. Most people go to the Bird and Flower Gardens to enjoy a little bit of nature in the city. They also make for great people-watching spots. Chinese, Arabs, and Malaysians can celebrate within their communities that make KL their home. Arabesque motifs and Moorish architecture adorn mosques all over town. And it is highly likely to find a Christian church or Chinese temple nearby as well. Regardless of a modest budget, colorful Chinatown offers another chance to eat amazing food and shop for bargains.  Feel comfortable to wander about this fantastic city, and then come back anytime and rest up at Apple Hotel.

Apple Hotel