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January 24, 2011
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Eat like a local

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Food in busy Jalan Alor

Let’s all eat like locals in Kuala Lumpur

My name is Pramesh Kumar and I am a kiwi (New Zealand) who lives in Australia. On my journey through Kuala Lumpur I was very impressed by the food and culture. From the stalls of Jalan Alor  to the Night markets most tourist don’t even see. Seeing my love for the different types of food, I was kindly invited to write a blog about all the different types of food available within the Kuala Lumpur region by Apple Hotel Kuala Lumpur. I will also be blogging on the night markets, attractions and a videoing the wonderful taste of all different foods that i come across.
In this search I will also be giving you an idea of taste, where you should eat and what the local prices are so we don’t end up paying the tourist rate of three times more. As many of you know Malaysia is made up of three different races with a whole bunch of others thrown in making it a real melting pot of race and culture. Chinese, Indians and Malays are the majority of the local market. You will also find a mix of Vietnamese, Thais and Myanmar populace around the place.
This makes for some very exciting food. My trip will start in the local Bukit Bintang Area in a street called Jalan Alor. This area is world famous for tourist food however we will eat like a local . You will get some wares around selling the usual DVDs and t-shirts however the main reason the local come to Jalan Alor is simply the food.Whenever I walk around watch the tourist eating like myself at first, i get a real idea why we have no idea where to eat. We get drawn in by the table clothes and lights at the start of Jalan Alor however we hardly venture towards the bottom of the street where the real food is.
If i had any tips to give any tourist about food in Jalan Alor, I would start by saying avoid the places with Table Clothes. Secondly the places at the very start of Jalan Alor are all pricey. Sure it may be cheap to us however it is still pricey by local rates. Take the time to walk down Jalan Alor and on the left you will find mostly Chinese culture and food. On the right  hand side is more local food and also some others like the Thai are thrown into the mix.
We will take a tour down Jalan Alor and follow all the food available from the delicious bbq chicken to the amazing stingray. Thanks to Apple Hotel all the tourist and some locals will have a better idea when walking down the tourist road of Jalan Alor. You can also follow me on the Facebook Page for Apple Hotel Kuala Lumpur.