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December 29, 2010
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Dreamland Beds

Recently we at the Apple Hotel came across a blog referring to our beds at the Apple Hotel. We would first like to thank the blogger for the kind comments regarding our beds and also express our deep thanks to Dreamland to providing these quality beds for our boutique Hotel.

We have a belief that nothing is more important than a good nights sleep when travelling as every day is full of adventure, shopping or simply sight-seeing in Kuala Lumpur. Though we are not a five star establishment, we do and provide 5 star bedding for our customers.

The beds are extremely comfortable and we wouldn’t be far wrong by mentioning that we may be the only Hotel that isn’t a four star or five star to carrying beds with such high quality.

The simple matter of it is as mentioned in that blog, that a good night sleep is generally what we are after however when we are looking through the websites do we actually consider where the beds are actually from? We see pictures that make things look nice but never take into consideration the Bed itself.

Disclosing the face that we do have these comfortable beds from Dreamlands should give customers a wider base of knowledge when actually making the selection for a Hotel.  Hotels in Kuala Lumpur generally on the budget side do not provide high quality beds or sheets. The cleanness and comfort offered at the Apple Hotel is of a high level.

When next time booking your Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, take into consideration the beds and the Bedding itself as we all know their is nothing worse than walking into a Hotel to find it dirty and the Beds Sagging.