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Deepavali Celebrations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The multi-racial community in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia lights up this October, for the Hindu celebration of Deepavali on 26th Wednesday 2011.

celebrate DeepavaliDeepavali is the Festival of Lights (deepam) is the biggest festival celebration in the Indian subcontinent and by Hindus in Malaysia. Indian Hindus celebrate Deepavali at Kuala Lumpur in the winter months offering thanksgiving prayers and conduct rituals for cleansing in the temples and house-hold Pooja Rooms. Homes are cleaned-up first as a massive yearly task. Kolam patterns are drawn on the floor as well as on the walls by hand with the help of coloured rice. Homes are also lit with bright oil lamps, placed all around the house.

Hindu Temples are also lavishly decorated with flowers. Devotees also offer sliced fruit and coconut milk after fasting or living on a vegetarian diet. Indian delicacies like sweetmeats, rice puddings and the most sought after Murukku are made and consumed enormously to celebrate Deepavali.

On the Deepavali day morning most Hindus take a thorough oil bath and then go visit a temple for prayers and ceremonial rites. People also welcome guests, friends and neighbours who are called to have a taste of the home-made Deepavali sweets.

During Deepavali Hindu devotees pray to Goddess Lakshmi for wealth, light, prosperity and wisdom, and Lord Ganesha the ‘Remover of your Obstacles’ and the ‘Lord of all Beginnings’. There are many legends and stories associated with the Deepavali festival; the story of Bali, Krishna Narakasura Fight, Emergence of Laxmi, Victory of Rama over Raavana and many more.

Hindu diaspora all over the world celebrate Deepavali. ‘Deepavali’ is the Tamil and South Indian name for the same celebration called as ‘Diwali’ by North Indians. It is celebrated as Deepavali in South India, Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago where as it is observed as Diwali in North India, and countries with a significant North-Indian population such as USA, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa and Mauritius.

The people of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia celebrate Deepavali with great festive mood every year. This is the celebration of victory of good over the evil, so the city is decorated nicely with oil lamps and kolam everywhere. Join in the fun this year, celebrate Deepavali and stay at Apple Hotel Kuala Lumpur when visiting Kuala Lumpur.