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Curry Fish Head: Where Indians and Chinese Meet

When you travel, the least thing that you want to worry about is food. But often times, restaurants, food hubs, food courts, and anyplace you can buy food from is located far beyond where your hotel accommodation is located. While there are hotel restaurants wherein you just have to go down the elevator and not leave the vicinity, it is not always practical especially for people who travel on a budget and don’t have much money to spend on food. If you are traveling to Malaysia, Apple Hotel is the best place to book your accommodation as there are food vendors and stalls located just outside the hotel. You don’t have to search the entire place anymore to look for budget-friendly dishes as upon exiting the hotel doors, you are welcomed by aromatic and flavorful authentic Malaysian dishes. One of the most popular dishes you can try when you visit Malaysia is the curry fish head. A dish sweet in nature kicked up a notch by adding chilis, this dish screams authenticity to its maximum.

This dish is of Chinese and Indian origin made from the head of a red snapper, which is literally a red fish cooked in a semi-stewed way mixed with assorted vegetables and served with either rice or bread. Some varieties of this dish add a touch of tamarind juice to the dish to give it a more sweet-and-sour taste. This version of the dish mostly ends up with a thinner soup and more orange-y in color. Other versions of curry fish head is mixed with coconut milk which makes the sauce of the dish even creamier, thicker and heavier. Although this dish, as delicious as it may sound, turn off many people as not many people are used to eating fish head. But some seafood connoisseurs and chefs actually take pride in eating fish head as it is one of the most flavorful parts of a fish especially the cheek part. Some even go far as to eating the eyeballs History of this dish tells of a man wanting a dish that will cater to a wider clientele in the area dominated by Indians and Chinese people. While curry-based dishes are of Indian origin, the fish head is definitely one that came from the Chinese. Indians are not particularly excited about eating fish head but Chinese people are otherwise who consider fish head a specialty. Today, there are many versions of curry fish head served not just in Malaysia but in other South East Asian countries as well such as Singapore in which curry fish head is equally very popular. This dish is so popular that high-class restaurants and food chains also serve their own versions of the dish.

Curry fish head is one of the many dishes wherein people get to have a taste of both Indian and Chinese delicacy. It is a combination of such origins that gave rise to the popularity of this dish as it catered to a wider public. Try this dish next time you visit Malaysia and satisfy your craving for Indian and Chinese delicacy with a twist of Malaysian taste.