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March 16, 2011
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March 19, 2011
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Crazy Taiwanese Food in Kuala Lumpur

Last time i checked we were in a city of food or more so, my little food paradise. Now in our lives, not everyday is perfect. So last night was one of those when it came to food. You won’t hear me slag the food in Malaysia but i’m afraid the time has come for me to take the sword to the one piece of bad food I have had here.

I am I have had the occasional bad fish balls or curry but this place im about to start about is a franchise. The place is called Little Taiwan. It is a Franchise in Malaysia and from what I have heard , well it has changed names. Now my loyal followers and food lovers, you may agree or disagree however for me it was absolute crap.

Good food should not be sacrificed however here it si simply butchered. I would like to say one good thing about this place but I would really be lying if i did. The food is mostly blend, yes, I used the word blend in Malaysia. Generally speaking, we are all aways looking for food with a good price. The beauty of Malaysia is, the food is always available for the an amazing price. Close by to Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor is al the food in the world, yet people still choose to go these Mcdonalds type franchise. Come on people, do you want to eat crap food.

Great Food in Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur

The service here was also terrible but being with friends, it made all the more worthwhile. I also recently saw them at a franchise exhibition and It would really gall me to enter into a franchise exhibition. The moral of this little story is to stay away from these places, look for some food and ask the locals. They won’t point you into this direction. Malaysia is full of amazing food, don’t waste your time going to a Mcdonalds or KFC. We have that back in Australia or wherever. Why not spend some time researching what the local delights are.

Every place has something amazing, Ipoh has the chicken rice and yes, it is good but that’s a story for another day. Walk down the streets of Jalan Alor, taste the fruit, the Rojak on Tuesday or Friday, only between 12pm and 2.,30 if it’s not all finished. Try the wonderful stingray at night. Why not even post on the Apple Hotel Facebook Page and ask. We love food and thou i’m not local, my friends are and food is a passion for us. As we learn here, everything revolves around the great food. The simply delight of dinner goes a lot further than the simple western fair we have at home.

How do you decide it’s a passion? When you decide to travel great distances, than you know your’e in trouble with food. Thinking about your next meal and planning it upon finishing the current one may also lead to you having a passion for food. Food in Kuala Lumpur, let alone Malaysia rules the roast. Spend some time and get to know the environment and sit back and enjoy the fantastic food of Malaysia.