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March 14, 2011
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Coconut Flower Food Paradise in Kuala Lumpur

The Journey and the Food of the Coconut Flower Restaurant.

Firstly let me start by explaining that this little piece of paradise is a decent 40 minute drive from Kuala Lumpur. If you have the budget, you can hire a car from Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor and the total trip time will be around 50 minutes. The actual place is called Telok Gong in the USG. I know what’s going through your head. Why would I drive that far and what are the benefits?

Let’s start with the Coconut Flower Restaurant and the journey there. We drove from KL to this wonderful place with a group of people including the Food Terminator ( he may come in handy if he struggle to finish). The road is pretty straight forward however when you actually take the turn-off be ready for some very dreadful road conditions. The pot holes and dip in the roads make it a difficult drive however it is quite short from the turn-off, just keep your eyes peeled on the roads. It seems we are driving to nowhere in a industrial area when out of nowhere a light shines. OK, it';s not exactly like that but similar and than BANG, we are there ..lights,camera, action for food.

Coconut Flower Restaurant

We were greeted by a big, no massive complex where I can say we literally saw hundreds of people eating. Parking is ample so just need to follow the bus boys who will charge you a free bucks for the space.We had a group of around nine people so big tables were hard to come by. No bother,this is Malaysia, the waiter will bring a table out for you, move some others back and your’e good to go. My friend Mr Ho did the ordering as my Mandarin is lets say bare at best. The conversation was long, so either he ordered a massive amount of food or they were distant cousins catching up.

I was not to be let down tonight. Instead of mineral water or Chinese Tea (thou we did get a pot of tea) i got the local houch drink . Toddy. Toddy is the Malaysian Coconut wine. It has many names and you may recognise it as Kalle in Sri Lanka or India. This was to be my first experience at this and I it was served to me in two ways. As you all my realize, I am the adventurous sort so when they put a glass of Toddy in front of me, well, I dominated it and the taste, was amazing. It was a cold, fizzy taste of coconut. The next glass I got was the Toddy mixed with dark ale. This again was to prove no bother at all as i guzzled it down. The man who invented this should receive a knighthood. When the average price of beer here is RM15 to RM30, why would you need that when you have this for just 2 Ringits.

Toddy with Guiness

This place was getting more packed as we continued to go through our stable of food. The problem was (and i’m not complaining) the food just kept coming, from the vegetables to the crab, prawns, steamed fish. They was also noodles, and more deep fried crabs. Now if your’e a food lover, this is what paradise would be. The Tom Yum arrives in a coconut, how cool is that, the shrimps are sticking out around the side. This is seriously priceless. I am an instant fan. This has to be eaten hot as it cools down very fast. The taste with the coconut is quite remarkable.

Tom Yum in a Coconut

So is the whole trip worth the effort. That seems to always be the question. From Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur all the way driving 40 minutes. I would hell, excuse my language YES. DO IT and enjoy all the delights of this food paradise.