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March 31, 2011
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Claypot Chicken Rice

As we have all come to know. I have had many delightful meals and experiences. Today was going to be one of those delightful experiences. Claypot Chicken Rice. This meal isn’t for the faint hearted. No, just kidding, anyone can actually eat it, there is no spiciness to this dish. We drove to Pudu, which is around a 5 minute cab ride from Jalan Alor in Kuala Lumpur. As we walked from the car to this fantastic place, I noticed a few other places were selling claypot chicken rice, however as my friend mentioned. None were as authentic as the one we were going to. This little piece of paradise is nicely hidden by the highway next to Jalan Yew.

Just a little bit of background on this wonderful dish, Claypot Chicken Rice is usually served in Malaysia, Singapore and parts of China. The method generally is to cook the rice first than add ingredients in later. The most common types have Chinese Sausages added in. The traditional method (like the one we are having) is cooked over a charcoal stove which gives it the distinct flavor. A very small portion of dried salty fish is added into the mix. This is stirred around the pot with the Soy Sauce chicken giving it a distinctive flavor.

All the Claypots with Charcoal

Amazing how many he has cooking

Walking into the restaurant, we could tell the place was special. The Claypot Chicken Rice is made to order and can take up to 20 minutes. So when getting there, take your time to sit down and enjoy a cool beverage. We ordered some chicken wings to start the festivities while we waited for our Claypot Chicken Rice. We all have to be good these days, so we also added vegetables. We had eight people for dinner so I started to wonder if three claypots would be enough. The chicken wings were very good and tasty. It would beat KFC any day of the week. We also had a side of Tofu with some chili sauce however that was outshone by the Chicken Wings.

After around 20 or so minutes, the claypot arrived. It was huge. One pot would be enough for three however with me, it’s only two or I reckon i could power through one myself. That would have to be a challenge for another day. My friend Prasad starts the massive mixing process adding the dried fish. Everyone, including myself took some and I will say this ” it was amazing”. As far as good tasting food goes, this is a winner in my books. It was so good I had to have seconds and thirds. Even my friend who generally eats the right portions, divided for a second and I’m sure, i saw him sneak in a third. Like every other food I eat in Kuala Lumpur, was it worth it?

Marinated Chicken

It’s a big yes from me. This claypot chicken with the vegetables, chicken wings was amazing. The price tag was around RM180 but that’s 60AUS or USD, so you really are feeding eight people including drinks for this amount. If your game, you can walk from Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor to here however I would suggest a taxi. Want to find out more about the Chinese Sausage, just click the link. Ask the Apple Hotel front desk, they will be able to point out where to go.

Claypot chicken rice