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Chili Pan Mee in Kuala Lumpur

How many bowls of Chili Pan Mee can you do?

By now, we are all aware from reading this blog that food is Malaysia’s life blood. It is the beating heart in this wonderful country. Today was not to disappoint. The dish of the day is simple, filling, fast and most importantly, cheap. As travelers, we all look for tasty food that is great value for money. If your ready to jump on the monorail, than I have the right treat for you. Chili Pan Mee.

Pan Mee is more so known as Hokkien-style noodle, originating in Malaysia itself. It literally means “flat flour noodle”. Thou typically served with soup Chilli Pan Mee is a bit different. The typical Pan Mee is served with mince pork thou other variations are available. The type with the dark sauce is the dried version where the chilli comes into play. Now the trick here is, I know they use fresh chili, dried chili, soy sauce but each place has it’s own ingredients. Best in my knowledge not to ask questions but simply to eat it. It’s one thing about my mate Prasad (who loves food) keeps telling me about but quite another to try this amazing food. The drive from Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Jala Alor is around 15 minutes due to traffic. Better take the monorail.

We arrived at Restoran Kin Kin in Jalan Sultan Sualman, you take the monorail to three different stops and either way is around a 5 minute walk to the restoran. Sultan Ismail is one of the closer ones. On arrival it was a busy lunch period and hoards of workers were wolfing down the Chili Pan Mee. I wasn’t overly hungry and we were lucky enough to get a side table against the wall.Most people including tiny small women seemed to have two bowls sitting next to them. Personally, I thought one bowl would be plenty. The waiter came, don';t expect great service by the way, however sacrifices have to be made in the name of food.

Chili Pan Mee in Kuala Lumpur

You are given a jar full of spicy chili, dried mixed with maybe prawn paste and anchovies or dried fish. The bowl comes with a half boiled egg. The process as I am told, is to mix the chili, with the egg, and the noodles and give it a good stir for a few minutes to create the taste. One thing to take into consideration. This place only serves Chili Pan Mee and is only open till around 8pm. Their is a grumpy old man involved as well, shouting or barking orders around. But, we are not here for that. I give a old fashioned mix with some power and grit. Now, i wasn’t sure what to expect from this seemingly simple dish however as I love spice. Prepare to be wowed. It was simply amazing. So much so that I ordered a second bowl. The taste of spices feel your mouth with amazing variety making ti hard to distinguish what is what. Maybe that’s the idea or simply, it could be me.

Destroying two bowls was no drama and only wish I could take a third, next time I will make sure I am hungry going there. Tips, if I had any, if your not a big chili fan, don’t add too much. I started with two spoons as recommended than went to two and a half. That was enough to put my mouth on fire. The price is around 5 bucks Ringits. So value for money is brilliant. Get there early for a table as this place during lunch hour is full. SO, take the time when in Kuala Lumpur and make the trip from Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor.  I also checked in here through Foursqaure. So click here to make it easier to find. This Chili Pan Mee is not much to look at but be prepared for the punch. Just for the record, I did two Bowls ..i wish I could have done more.

The Chili

Restoran Kin Kin