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March 13, 2011
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Chilli Crab Invasion in Kuala Lumpur

The Chilli Crabs are invading Kuala Lumpur

Well it’s not so much of an invasion, unless you count my stomach as one. However we did have chilli crab. Not once but three times within a period of two weeks. The chilli crab is a amazing experience here in Kuala Lumpur. To get there, you will have to ask for directions from Mr Ali at front desk as it is a bit of a trawl through the back allies to get to these food stalls. Upon arrival you will notice it’s not just one food stall but a wide range.

The stall that we are after is right at the end. The Chinese bloke has been in operation for over 20 years (another family run business). I have a good mind to pack him in my back and take him to Australia, the food is that good. His wife ambles along and to take our orders, we order steamed crab with the red sauce which consists of chilli, ginger and has a delicious sweet taste to it. Now this is my third visit so we are well prepared and we buy some bread to mop up. The sauce to be fair is more like a sweet and sour sauce but as mentioned with ginger and chilli.

Chilli Crab

As soon as the lady has taken your order, you will approached by a gangly looking old Chinese man who speaks good English, now this bloke is as dodgy as come. He will ask you if you want Nasi (rice) and vegetables. Here you are dead for options so your stuck ordering vegetables from him. You can opt for steamed rice that costs around RM2 or his version of the rice which goes for around RM24. Yes, this is a ripoff. The veggies as well are very expensive, normally around RM3 should be the price but since your in his world, you pay his inflated prices.

Even because this we chose to eat here. We ordered the Chilli Crab, Those amazing King Size Prawns with garlic and chilli, and shellfish done in a light garlic sauce. We also got some vegetables on the side and rice. The drinks as per most stalls in Malaysia is handled by another outfit. I decided to try the 100 plus, which probably sells better than coke (coca cola) over here.  In waiting we notice people eating fried version of the Chilli Crab with black Sauce. It looks good. Now all the shells are put on the side as per custom here. No side plate needed.

Now the garlic, chilli prawns are another story. Thou a little greasy, this is by far one of the tastiest creations ever. The crispy taste settles into your mouth with a light crunch and the flavours hit you in an explosion, I have to admit even writing about this, my mouth waters. The sides of neritidaes which is common in Malaysia, (very similar to cockerels found in New Zealand) only provide a mild distraction from the amazing taste of Chilli Crab and Prawns. I have to say even the crispy garlic left on the plates at the end was polished up. The gravy and bread became very good friends with my stomach that night. In all this was a 5 star meal at really decent prices (apart from the Chinese man). The total crabs and prawn came to around RM90 and the total meal bill with netritidaes was in the vicinity of RM150.

Garic Prawns

So all up a great meal with some great company. As mentioned ask for the Food Trail at front Desk of Apple Hotel and make your journey down here. It’s around a 10 minute walk if that and very close to the Monorail station in Bukit Bintang. It really is these sort of special services that make Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur a step above the other budget hotels. Hope you enjoyed the read. Feel free to follow us on Facebook through this link, . We look forward to your comments, If you have any ideas of areas of interest, why not tell or even better write about it to us. Thank you for reading the blog.