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June 4, 2013
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Bunraku – Traditional Japanese Puppet Theatre

Spending the end of June in Kuala Lumpur and you would like to have some entertainment while here? You are unfamiliar with the city and have no idea what to see in Kuala Lumpur? Fret not as you are encouraged to indulge in the age-old traditions of Bunraku – Traditional Japanese Puppet Theatre.

Organized by KL PAC and performed by Master Kanjuro Kiritake III with the Bunraku Company Minosuke-kai, this masterpiece of a puppet show will showcase the skills of these great artists with the century old puppets. KL PAC is not too far away from Apple Hotel either.

“Witness the grace and grandeur of a 400 year old Japanese tradition, performed for the first time ever in South East Asia. BUNRAKU- Traditional Japanese Puppet Theatre is a showcase of fastidious teamwork as three puppeteers per puppet work in perfect unity with live traditional music and vocals.”


Photo Source: www.klpac.org

Article by: KL PAC: Bunraku – Traditional Japanese Puppet Theatre (Puppet Play/28th & 29th June)


“Using puppets over 100 years old, Bunraku puppeteer and living national treasure of Japan, Kanjuro Kiritake III presents this ancient form of Japanese theatre for the first time in Southeast Asia.”


Photo Source: www.ilassotickets.com

Article by: Vision KL: Bunraku – Traditional Japanese Puppet Theatre


“The show is presented in three parts: An interpretation of a harvest celebration dance, an excerpt of the classic “Fox in the Inner Garden”, and a behind-the-scenes demonstration.”


Photo Source: www.aforadio.com

Article by: AFORADIO: Bunraku – Traditional Japanese Puppet Theatre : aforadio.com


Here are 2 very short snippets as a preview for you.

What to see in Kuala Lumpur while staying in Apple Hotel? Indulge in the Bunraku – Traditional Japanese Puppet Theatre for a night of charm and tradition.

For more ticketing information, click here or call KL PAC at +603-4047 9000.