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January 27, 2011
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January 28, 2011
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Breakfast in Jalan Alor

Breakfast in Jalan Alor.

Breakfast in JalanAlor close to Apple Hotel

Typical Breakfast

As I walk down Jalan Alor the one thing that captures me is the sight,sounds and smells of this street. The start of Jalan Alor provides mainly Chinese food and a couple of seafood stalls that are mainly Vietnamese. On the right you have the dried up Pork which is cooked on coals to give it a dried up look. It is a form of bacon and is made from either chicken or pork. The price is based per 100 grams and can easily reach around RM30. I know it’s $10 US or AUS but we are trying to be locals.The taste and texture is like beef jerky however a bit sweeter.  This is more eaten as a delicacy by the local Chinese populace.
I would advice people to forgo the food at the start of Jalan Alor. Thou the food is nice and tasty, it is however very pricey and when your travelling on the budget it is extremely pricey. On the right hand side about 15 meters down you will see the big sign of the Apple Hotel, right in front is two stalls. Both are Halal friendly as  Malaysia is a Muslim country and a lot of food you will find here is Halal.
The first stall is very basic and does Nasi Goreng and Mee Goreng. Nasi is rice and Mee is noodles. The twist is Maggi Mee Goreng where they use Maggi noodles to create a your Mee Goreng. Once again this is broken up into Indian, Malay and Thai Mee Goreng however this case has a Indian influence. Thou cheap, I would suggest this is best to be avoided as they don’t really make you give you the wow factor with the food. The stall next door is with a bit more of a Thai flavor as the family running it is fromn Thailand and also Muslim. Most of these stalls will charge you the tourist rate however it still works out a lot cheaper than paying RM60 or RM70. The price range for 2 people around here should be anywhere between RM20 to RM25 depending on drinks. These two stalls don’t sell alcohol as that is against the religion for Muslims.

Traditional Local Breakfast

Nasi Lemak

If you are looking for breakfast than across the road we Old Town White Coffee. Now this is more a tourist spot for people who havent tried local breakfast or want something resembling European breakfast food in Malaysia. They do the usual eggs with toast and sausages however the quality has a lot to be desired. Most locals prefer noodles for breakfast or soup with noodles others prefer Nasi Lemak which is the nation breakfast favorite.  The noodles are about RM6 or RM5 depending on which vendor you choose and that is available next door to Old Town. It is considered normal in Malaysia to eat noodles and rice for breakfast however other alternatives are porridge made the Chinese way. This is something that I think everyone should try once just to get an idea. I am not going to say it’s good or bad however it is an experience.
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