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Best Seafood Restaurant in Malaysia

pantaiseafoodrestaurant thumbSituated in Petaling Jaya is a gem of a restaurant that many locals flock to everyday to enjoy a succulent meal. That restaurant is none other than Pantai Seafood Restaurant in Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara and it is revered as one of the best seafood restaurant in Malaysia with tons of fresh seafood and many varieties of dishes to choose from.

“Pantai Seafood has rows of aquariums filled with live seafood waiting to be chosen for a freshly cooked meal. Everything from lobsters and crabs to abalone and geoduck can be found in the aquariums that line the shelves.”


Photo Source: www.timeoutkl.com

Article by: Time Out Kuala Lumpur – Pantai Seafood Restaurant


“Another birthday meal for the family was at Pantai Seafood. The last time I went there was years ago and I absolutely loved the food there.

Not bad for a set for 4 pax. And the entire meal, plus rice and tea costs less than RM100. Very reasonable indeed.”

Article by: Duckie’s Food Blog – Good Seafood, Reasonable Price


“This year we have our Chinese New Year Family Dinner at Pantai Seafood, a place that highly recommended as the place for Crabs and Classy Seafood. The dining experience is nice as usual. We order 8 dishes for 9 persons.”

Article by: Pohkemon Food Diary: Kg. Sungai Kayu Ara – Pantai Seafood

If you are dying for some amazing meals, the Pantai Seafood Restaurant will be sure to deliver. Satiate your hunger at one of the best seafood restaurant in Malaysia.

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