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February 2, 2011
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Bangsar Food Adventure

Great Food in Bangsar

Last night we went to Bangsar and tried some more of the local food. Bangsar is around 10 minutes from the city. The two methods of getting there unless you have a car are is the monorail to central than walk across and take the train 2 minutes to Bangsar. The total cost is around RM4. You may also take a cab for RM10 however if you haven’t experienced the shady taxi drivers yet, well you will and generally they will charge you anywhere from RM25 to RM50. The fact that the it says haggling is illegal seems to have no bearing. In saying that you may get lucky and get a honest taxi driver. It has happened to me three times.

Bangsar is considered a more upmarket area in Kuala Lumpur however it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a few gems in this gold plated area to suit a backpacker budget. It has one very nice shopping mall and also a supermarket. We went past all this to a stall area in what looked like a typical  food pavilion with lots of different food.

A kings Feast

The food here is local with some Thai dishes offered as local. You will find Indian food Malay style and the same with Thai food. We had some sticky substance put in a banana leaf, I am told it’s fish paste. The substance is brown in color and thick in texture. The taste is a little sweet and you could seriously go through quite a few of these. I am told this is called Otak-Otak. A whole fish arrives at the table layered with a red sauce. Now this is very delicious. The sauce is spicy and you can see the chillis around it however for the person who doesn’t like spicy food, you can get a version with different sauce. I seriously am in Heaven as i take a bite of the fish. It is steamed to perfection. The meat falls off easily and I don’t think I have tasted fish so good in a long time. This has made the trip worth while itself. The total cost of all this was around RM40 thou I feel i should pay a lot more. This really is a King’s Feast.

Fish Paste in Banana Leaf

For desert we get juice. That’s right juice.. The local juice supplier is told that I am not local and deserve the special juice, I have posted a picture of it here. I am sure that this is not normal as the juice is massive. It’s twice the size of the normal cup and it’s a struggle to finish it. Bangsar is only 10 minutes from Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur and I would say it’s well worth the journey.

Pinapple Mango Juice