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March 29, 2011
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Apple Hotel Reviews in Kuala Lumpur

The role of a guest review in hotels is taking a turn. With companies like city search and Yelp making big waves in the review line, we can safety say that a good review is good for business however a bad review shouldn’t be discounted either. Bad reviews can be turned into a positive through acknowledgement of the review and taking actions to solve the problems. Leaving the problem to escalate will only lead to more problems for a hotel. In terms of acknowledgement, it’s also a good idea to communicate and even reward clients that have gone and left a positive review for you on anywhere from Google to trip advisor. does not have that function. It may also be wise to not get involved in a war of words with a customer. This can only lead to problems down the road.

Hotel Guest Review in Kuala Lumpur

We already have mentioned this a few times but nothing like seeing the real thing. Hotel guest reviews are sometimes looked upon in suspicion. We look at many factors like trip advisor for example who are fighting very hard to combat the fake reviews. Fake reviews seem to be helping competitors more so than the growth of business. Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur has figured a way out to combat this vicious circle. The reality of a good review gives it credibility.

Guests at at the Hotel are asked if they want to give a review of their stay at Apple Hotel. The review as is stands can be either positive or negative. The guests review of the hotel is in all languages. Some choosing to do so in English whilst others may do so in native tongues. Reviews range from Malay, Indonesian,Thai, Arabic, French, Canada, USA and even German. Thou there are advantages and disadvantages to this, the Hotel has decided to take the negative review and turn it into a positive. Below is a wonderful review from a guest in South America.

Apple Hotel has turned the corner in guest reviews in Kuala Lumpur. All reviews are genuine and no more of going into the web looking for what someone said. Instead you can jump on the page and see and hear what the guests have said. Other Hotels already seem to be following this line of reviews. Hiring actors to do this may not be the solution as customers can see right through the fake and are really looking for the truth of a hotel.  We all seem to be searching for what others have said while staying at a Hotel. This by far seems to be best way to really see whats going on.

Have a look at some of the reviews on Apple Hotel or go on the Facebook Page and check out the reviews. What I like about it is that guests are happy to give the review and not pressured into it or getting paid to do it. Some are also a lot of fun. Taking these into account. Apple Hotel have done a really good job in fighting the spam in the market reviews area.