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Apple Hotel Good Food Guide in Kuala Lumpur

So, you’re a tourist or a local in Malaysia. You have come to the big smoke of Kuala Lumpur. Landed from a plane or taken a train. The first thing that hits you like a watermelon is the hunger. What to eat or even where to eat? I don’t know about you but for me this is imperative that I fix this big stomach of mine.  So let’s re-examine the where to eat. This is where the absolute beauty of staying at Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur comes in.

Most places won’t recommend where to eat and your stuck walking around like a headless chicken looking for something that will satisfy that craving. You end up eating something out of pure hunger than regretting it as you had no better option. Well, Apple Hotel won’t allow this. First of all your really unlimited by choice right out the front door. As soon as you step out, you are greeted by numerous stalls. The side of the street i littered with them. Some are really nice however some it’s best to stay away from. The price of food starts from around RM5 however you could get away with paying RM1.50 for breakfast like Nasi Lemak.

Apple Hotel Jalan Alor

On the right as mentioned on earlier blogs, we have the majority of Halal food and on the left the majority of Chinese food. The brilliant thing is, whether you feel like noodles or nasi (rice) , you win. The local Mamak is at the start of the street and you pay per dish you grab. It starts from around RM1.50 per dish to RM5 depending if it’s vegetarian or meat. Mamak are all Halal friendly is strict accordance with the lovely Muslim tradition. Right next door to Apple Hotel is a small restaurant and the lovely lady there Evon or if her sister is around Vivian will take care of you. The placed has Chicken rice which I am a massive fan of. They also prepare other dishes like the fish-balls which are amazing and the other favorite is the Nasi Goreng. The price starts from around RM6 and the best thing is they offer the price upfront so you are aware what you are paying for. They also provide as close to a traditional breakfast as possible.

When staying at the Apple Hotel in Kuala Lunpur, make sure to try as many food places in Jalan Alor, start with the chicken rice next door, work your way to the Mamak, than skip across the road for some Chinese. You can spend the whole day walking trying different food here. If you need a snack just toddle down to the local fruit guy for some fresh fuit, mango, pineapple it’s all there, even apple. Its around RM1 to 2 a bag and should tie you over till the main meals.

As mentioned before, Malaysia is a food paradise, if your’e here for business or anything in fact, you will most likely have a meal before you start any discussion. The great thing is no business talk is done during the course of the amazing food as to not ruin the meal. Walk around Jalan Alor and stop by the Apple Hotel and say hi. Visit our Facebook page and comment on something you have tried recently.

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