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Apple Hotel Birthday Promotion

Here are the rules for our birthday promotion

Hi All Dear Fans, Thank you taking the time to read this little post.

How does it work?

Apple Hotel, Jalan Alor is offering Facebook Fans the chance to win 3 nights and two nights stay every fortnight. The fan to win would have to post something to do with food related to an Apple.

Each photo we receive will be posted into our voting booth, where people can freely vote for it. The winner of the vote every Sunday, will be awarded the prizes all through August and September.

In October we will hold it every day for ten days.

Here we go, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

1.Only One winner of three nights stay per fortnight, Only one winner of the two night stay per fortnight

2. Only one entry per person per fortnight “Fan may enter again next time”.

3. Once winner is declared, The decision is final and no correspondence may entered into it.

4. All winners will be announced on our Facebook Page.

5. Only Open to Fans of Apple Hotel Facebook Page.

6. All Staff of Apple Hotel and immediate Family are not eligible to enter.

7. The winner shall receive either double, single or twin room as part of their promotion package which may be selected by the winner.

8. This promotion may not be used in conjunction with any other Apple Hotel deals or promotions.

9. If booking through an O.T.A, the client may not extend their accommodation by using the prize. (this is not in effect for booking online through Apple

10. The person voting  (the voter) must be a fan of Apple Hotel fan page for vote to be counted towards final Talley.

11. A person has to stay the three nights in one go, meaning three consecutive nights. If the person decides to stay one or two nights, they may not use the third night on another stay. The stay is therefore void.

The winner of the event may transfer the ticket on to a friend or family member. However this may not be used in conjunction with another promotion.

In the event two winners eg. A couple have won under separate weeks, they may not use the free stay vouchers as part of one stay. There has to be a minimum of a 72 hour period of booking.

All bookings must be given a 72 hour period, in case of room unavailability, another date must be chosen.

The winners of the week is based on votes or likes they get from peers and the Apple Hotel Fan Page Community.

By posting any material eg. Video or Pictures on the Apple Hotel Wall or Facebook Page, Apple Hotel owns all rights to the material posted.

The Final Decision of all entries are the sole responsibility of Apple Hotel. The Winner per Week is Final.

All competitors are asked to provide a picture of themselves in for the promotion to be used by Apple Hotel. Photos are not allowed to be copies or taken from the web (internet). Nudity is forbidden as is photos that would cause offence.

If or in the event a photo is not provided, Apple Hotel may disqualify the winner without any prior warning, Other things that may lead to disqualification is copyright image taken from other source. We encourage people to be creative and take their own photos.

Any vote by a person not a fan of Apple Hotel  will not be counted.

In the event the winner has a number of voters or fans of Apple Hotel decide to do a mass exit. the prize will not be granted.

All decisions are final and no correspondence may be entered into.

Please feel free to ask any questions to clarify any matters.