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A Classic Travel Game – I Spy

I Spy Travel Game For All

I spy something green… How many times did you play this classic game as a child? It is a favorite for children throughout their toddler years and even through grade school. I Spy is a travel game that can keep your kiddos happy for many hours, which makes it a travel game you will want to add to your repertoire! There are very few games that measure up to I Spy for sheer simplicity.

i spy travel gameThere are really only two rules that must be followed for I Spy play. One person spies a color of the object and the other person guesses. That’s it – usually no other clues are given, although this can be modified to accommodate the needs of each child. For instance, a young toddler may not be able to guess without a bit more help and more detailed clues. This makes it enjoyable for everyone and keeps the game simple enough that any age can play.

No matter where you are, I Spy can be played with ease. The most boring airport can be a rich source of material for this game! You can play in an airplane even when other games would be too noisy or require too much space. Sometimes you may take a trip and it will be just you and a few children. If you’re the driver, this usually limits your ability to participate in games with the kids. However, you can play I Spy and still be able to concentrate on driving! This travel game can truly go anywhere.

I Spy can be the travel game of choice when you want to keep your kids or young traveling companions interacting with each other. Everybody gets to play and take guesses, and there is no winner or loser at the end.

One of the best things about I Spy travel game, and one of the aspects that makes it so perfect for traveling, is that it requires no pieces at all. If you have young children and do not want the trouble of keeping up with game pieces, I Spy offers you a game that is played entirely with the eyes, the mind, and the surroundings.

I Spy is a travel game that will never go out of style! It requires no batteries, only a willingness to play and examine the scene around you. You may even see something surprising while you play; you will be paying much more attention to the details if you are trying to figure out the “something green” object your traveling companion saw!

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