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February 17, 2011
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5 Things to do in Kuala Lumpur

The Five things to do in Kuala Lumpur walking distance from Apple Hotel.

The majority of tourists come to Kuala Lumpur with only one or two things in mind to do.Most look at the Petronas Towers as a point of destination for all tourist activities. Today we have made a list of things to do. All within walking distance to Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

1: The street of Jalan Alor. Jalan Alor is right out side Apple Hotel. The street is famous around the world and offers visitors food from the top of the street to the bottom. The price varies depending if you fall for the ones that target tourists or the more local variety of food for all.

2: China Town Markets. The China Town Markets or Pasar Malam is around a 15 to 20 minutes walk from Apple Hotel. The markets offer some great food but more importantly is famous for shopping. All the goods there are fake thou so take that into consideration. Things to try are the street stall pancakes and the watermelon juice mixed with several other fruits. Very refreshing specially in the muggy weather here.


3. KL Tower is around a ten minute walk from Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor. The views from this tower is panoramic and you can see all around Kuala Lumpur. The revolving restaurant is pretty nice however for the average backpacker the price might be a bit heavy on the wallet.

4: If you enjoy shopping than this one is for you. A 5 minute walk from Apple Hotel you can find at least 6 different shopping malls. Some offer cheap goods similar to China Town however throw in the class of a very nice shopping mall called Pavilion which covers all the brands and some coffee shops on the ground floor. A movie theater is there also and is generally around RM13 for a movie. Well worth checking out.

5: Timesquare is another area close by from the Hotel. The area has shopping as well and sometimes performers outside.  There is even a roller coaster there for enjoyment. Absolutely brilliant for a big kid like me. This place is a all in one really with entertainment, fine food and beverage all available. This can also be a little heavy on the wallet.

Roller Coaster by Apple Hotel

So there is five things close to Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. We will  next time offer five within easy travelling distance of Apple Hotel.